The embargo on the photos of the new VW Scirocco hatch due for Geneva has broken, and images of the car have quickly found their way onto internet forums. Although it's not quite the compact blend of sexy and sleek the previous Iroc concept promised, it does represent a new direction in VW design.

Notable differences from the concept include the lack of the metal grille surround, which gave the original such great visual impact. Also different is most of the rest of the front fascia, with different air intakes, an altered hood line and different, though similar, headlights.

The thicker A-pillar and chunky hood-door transition area break up the flow found on the concept, and whereas the sculpted hips and rear canopy of the Iroc concept gave the hatch a muscular stance, the squared belt line and blocky C-pillar area give the production car a low, somewhat cramped look. From behind, the Scirocco looks a bit more attractive, and fairly closely matches the concept's lines, but the trapezoidal, dual exhaust outlets on either side of the rear underbody have been traded for twin round pipes at the left corner - decidedly less attractive, though probably a good deal cheaper to manufacturer and route.

As for the car’s powertrain lineup, the only official information is that there will be a four-cylinder model powered by a 2.0L TSI engine but expect to see more powerful models including a possible V6 flagship. Both FWD and AWD models will be on offer, including a new GTI version with VW’s latest 2.0L turbo engine and FSI technology.