As those who love all things fast and shiny know, the fairly rare Bugatti Veyron has an even faster, shinier and rarer subset: the Pur Sang. It first debuted at the Frankfurt motor show, and within 24 hours, all five of the exclusive cars were sold. It looks like one of those buyers is feeling a little remorse, however, and has decided to put the car up for sale.

Showing only 79km on the odometer and selling for a fixed price of €3.2 million, this is a very nearly new example - although the listing at Finecars shows a picture of the car on show in Frankfurt, so it's not clear if this is that actual car or another. The original going price of the Pur Sang was €1.4 million per, however, so the owner is looking to make a 230% profit on the transaction. Whether that is reasonable is something the market will have to determine. But effectively, this is the only Pur Sang known to be available in the entire world, and that has to be worth a bit of a premium.

The Pur Sang is something of a Superleggera style Veyron, weighing in 100kg less than a standard Veyron thanks in part to its extensive use of carbon fiber. The lightening process even goes so far as to eschew paint on its polished aluminum surfaces. With a name meaning 'thoroughbred' the Pur Sang is exactly that, but to race this horse, you'll need an equally well-bred wallet.