The oddly-chosen teaser for the Scion Hako concept should have been a hint that the vehicle itself would be, well, unique. And that is about the most gracious way to describe the oddly boxy yet curvaceous creature that is the Hako concept. Inspired by the Scion xB, it takes that car's design premise to new heights.

Purely a design study, there are no drivetrain specifications for the Hako. The bizarre mixture of cubic and curvy is not the only contrasting element in the Hako's package, however. While the profile of the Hako is about as aerodynamic as a brick, Scion says the silhouette is "accentuated by slim, race-car-inspired side mirrors" with integrated turn-signals. Race-car inspiration or aerodynamic concern for the side-mirrors seems a bit misplaced when viewed beneath the dominating plank of the right-angle roofline.

A vertical windshield indicates that the Hako is "ready to attack the road," and the hostile attitude is carried inside, where bright orange and metallic surfaces pound the eye into submission. Intended to provide easy-cleanup, the seats are upholstered in urethane and a rubber-like material, sure to enhance comfort on a hot and sunny day. The driver's seat and cockpit is inspired by video gaming, right down to the joystick-inspired shifter in the center console.

A full complement of technology, from Bluetooth to in-door video monitors that display the view from fish-eye cameras mounted in the A-pillars, completes the concept's ultra-modern outlook. While the Hako may have some very aggressively polarizing elements, it's refreshing to see a concept that isn't at all tied to the realities of production.