Nissan may have fallen behind its rivals in the race to launch a hybrid car but it won’t be making the same mistake with its new generation of all-electric vehicles. The carmaker today rolled out its new Denki Cube at the New York Auto Show, a concept car created to draw attention to Nissan’s new electric powertrain technology.

Nissan had another reason to show off the Cube. It also serves as a preview of Nissan's future small car strategy for the North American market, which includes plans to sell a redesigned petrol-powered, next-generation Cube Stateside at the start of next year.

Although the Cube has been on sale in Japan for a number of years, the Denki concept features several unique features including a new front grille design with an AC power charging port and custom head and taillights. The concept also sports a longer wheelbase than the production model, necessary to accommodate the new lithium-ion battery array. Powering the Denki is an electric motor and laminated lithium-ion battery powertrain.

Officials also used the New York Show to reiterate Nissan’s ‘Green Program 2010’ environmental project. Nissan is focused on three core areas related to the environment: reducing CO2 emissions; reducing exhaust emissions; and accelerating recycling efforts. Some of the goals of the new project include launching a 78mpg (3.0L/100km) petrol-powered vehicle by 2010 as well as an all-electric car.