Modification of the R35 GT-R is still in its infancy but already top-name tuners like Amuse and Mines have set new lap records for Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit with only minor modifications to Nissan’s new super-coupe. The latest firm to join the growing list of GT-R tuners is Garage Defend, whose latest package, like most other off-the-shelf kits for the R35, sets out to improve on the aerodynamics of the car.

The kit includes custom carbon-fiber canards on the front bumper that’s claimed to improve braking performance and cornering stability but comes at the cost of top speed. Garage Defend also produces a full carbon-fiber grille replacement and Voltex GT wing, both of which help improve downforce of the car. Engineers also installed an adjustable lowering suspension kit, dropping the car a full 30mm, and compliment this with an uprated brake package.

Garage Defend also replaced the standard Recaros with new ‘Blood Red’ Bride bolsters and added a standalone electronic boost controller.

The only modifications to the powertrain include new high-low filters and a Blitz NUR-spec F-Ti muffler at the rear.

Via: Nihoncar