Ferrari’s upcoming 2+2 GT has been spotted once again at the carmaker’s Fiorano test track and is now less than half a year away from being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Many have suggested the new 2+2 will be positioned below the F430 but new reports claim the car will be bigger and feature a more powerful 4.7L V8 engine.

It’s hard to gauge what the new model will look like given the heavy camouflage, but expect to see a traditional long bonnet and generous GT proportions. Onlookers claim the car is closer in size to the 612 Scaglietti rather than the F430 as it will need to accommodate four adults.

The strange hump seen on the test-mule is rumored to be hiding a new folding hardtop roof. Pininfarina has recently revealed plans to expand its operations to include production of new roof mechanisms, and previous reports suggested the new Ferrari model would also be partially built by the Italian coachbuilder.

The 4.7L engine, meanwhile, is likely to be based on the same unit used by Maserati’s Granturismo S. However, it will likely feature its own unique components such as injection rails, intakes, cylinder heads and valvetrains to give the engine the Ferrari spark. You can see the spy images in full over at Auto Motor and Sport.