As we approach the final launch date of Alfa Romeo’s new entry-level model, the ultra-stylish but oddly named Mi.To hatch, more details about the car have emerged including the final design of its new badge.

Alfa Romeo called upon web users once again to pick the final logo by setting up a web poll with six other designs. You may recall the carmaker did the same when picking a new name for the car, however officials didn’t end up sticking with the winner of that poll – Furiosa - instead going with Mi.To. The odd name comes from Alfa Romeo’s historical ties with Milan and Fiat Group’s home in Turin (or Torino), resulting in the contracted Mi.To.

Several variants and engine options are predicted for the Mi.To, from a 95hp 1.4L petrol model to a 1.4L Multiair producing 105hp paired with a six-speed transmission. A 1.4L turbocharged Multiair will produce something between 135hp and 165hp. Slotting between the two beefier petrol engines will be a diesel 1.6L unit producing 120hp. Finally the top-end model will feature a 1.8L turbocharged motor cranking out something in the neighborhood of 230hp and possibly wearing a GTA badge. More details should be released closer to the car's arrival in June.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To