James Bond has had his share of underwater cars, and recently Rinspeed's sQuba brought one of those movie creations to life. Excellent on-screen as a means of escape or access to a villain's lair, it turns out a car is somewhat less effective in real life when used as an impromptu life raft. Unfortunately for the driver of an Aston Martin being used in the next Bond film that's exactly what happened this weekend.

While on the way to a film unit in northern Italy, where the upcoming Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' is being filmed, the driver lost control in heavy rain and sent the car off the road and into Lake Garda Saturday morning, reports CNN. The model of Aston wrecked is unknown, but it is most likely a DBS, as we reported late last year that the car would be used for the coming Bond movie. The driver of the car is in hospital with minor injuries.

Aston Martin cars are famous for their association with the international man of mystery, but that tie-up has left the movie cars a bit the worse for wear at times. For the previous Bond film, 'Casino Royale', the filmmakers launched the DBS into the record books for ‘The Most Cannon Rolls In A Car’ in the movie. The stunt saw the DBS roll seven times in total, demolishing the car in spectacular fashion.

A clip of the record-setting roll sequence is below.