We've all heard the stories of drivers led into - or under - water, up one-way streets and down too-narrow carriage ways by their well-meaning satellite navigation devices, but a recent study shows the GPS-linked helpers can actually cut your fuel bill by up to 16 percent.

The savings comes from trimming extra distance off each trip, according to a study cited by TomTom general manager Giles Shrimpton. The total savings add up - as much as 16 percent of total distance can be cut, meaning less fuel is burned and fewer emissions leave the tailpipe, reports Wards Auto. The same study also showed that using a

navigation system in unfamiliar areas can reduce dangerous or illegal driving by 82 percent.

“We believe navigation is very important for safety and the environment,” Shrimpton said.

Today also marks the release of Honda's crime-warning sat-nav system in Japan. Also focused on safety, though in a different manner, the Honda system will be available only in Honda cars, while TomTom's personal navigation devices are sold separately, and can be installed in any car.

The company is working to secure some factory-installed deals, however. But it also likes its position as a standalone device maker, which allows the company lower costs, quicker upgrade and development cycles and greater brand recognition.