Soaring fuel costs have thrust the electric car industry into the limelight, with new offerings from Tesla, Fisker and Venturi all heating up the electric sports car market. Based around the lightweight chassis of a Lotus Super 7 and a 272hp Siemens electric motor, the new Evisol Thorr roadster should offer a driving experience a little more hardcore than the electric sports cars currently capturing public attention.

The Siemens electric motor has a continuous output of 91hp but peaks at 272hp with torque of 450Nm coming on from zero rpm. Power comes from a set of lithium polymer batteries, and all up the Evisol Thorr weighs in at just 755kg. Part of the reason for the car’s low weight is the absence of a gearbox, ABS power assisted brakes, power steering and virtually all sound proofing.

The company behind the Evisol Thorr is yet to reveal any performance numbers but claims the car has range of more than 200km on a single charge.

The rest of the car’s mechanical package is the same as you would find in any modern roadster, including a limited slip differential, a tubular frame chassis, adjustable double wishbone suspension both front and back and 15in aluminum wheels shod with Toyo tires.