If you thought the GT-R’s previous recorded lap time of 7m 38s at the Nurburgring was shockingly fast get ready to be stunned again as Nissan has confirmed today that its latest supercar has achieved a blistering lap time of just 7m 29 seconds - making it one of the fastest ever production road cars to attack the ‘Ring. The lap times were recorded on April 16 and 17 and were for a stock-standard base specification GT-R fitted with the same Japanese market tires as the cars in showrooms.

Driven by GT-R chief test driver Tochio Suzuki, this latest lap time beats the previous fastest time for the GT-R by nine seconds (and the Porsche 911 GT2 by three whole seconds). Incidentally, the previous time was also set by Suzuki and was already one of the fastest laps achieved by a production car. Poor conditions on the previous attempt - slightly damp on two corners – was cited as reasons for the slower time.

“At last year’s testing, we were frustrated by the conditions at the Nürburgring, always believing that the GT-R could go under seven minutes 30 seconds,” said Kazutoshi Mizuno, Nissan’s chief vehicle engineer for the GT-R. “Below seven minutes 30 seconds, the GT-R proves it is among the fastest mass-production cars in the world. We set out to build a multi-performance supercar accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere – I believe the GT-R has delivered that promise.”

If the standard GT-R is this quick we can only imagine how fast the lighter and more powerful Spec-V model due next year will be. Prototypes spotted testing last month are said to be achieving lap times of 7m 25s and given the performance of the stock model we suspect the new car could be even faster.

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