Nissan’s all-new GT-R supercar has posted a blistering lap time for the Nurburgring of just 7m 29s but engineers still think they need to improve on the car and will be adding several tweaks before U.S. and European deliveries start. U.S. bound GT-Rs are set to receive three harder engine mounts, firmer spring rates and a stiffer transaxle mount designed to prevent drivetrain components from moving under extreme cornering. European models will get even more tweaks, likely to be new rubber bushes in the steering system and a recalibrated rear-differential.

The information comes from GT-R chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, who spoke recently with CAR. "The new mounts make the car feel more together in extreme circumstances," he said. "We've also changed the spring rates front and rear – it's a minute change, they're just 0.1kg/sq mm stiffer. But it means the movement of the suspension and powertrain are more perfectly tuned."

He also revealed that the GT-R will remain a global model and as such any modifications made in one market will be rolled-out in all other markets. The changes to the U.S. spec cars, for example, were added to the Japanese version less than a week after the modifications were made.

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