Just one month after the European order books were opened for its all-new GT-R, Nissan has already received over 1,500 orders for the supercar – accounting for the entire first year’s run. The bulk of these are from the UK alone, which racked up more than 950 orders in total. Those lucky customers will have plenty of time to start saving for their cars as the GT-R’s European launch isn’t scheduled until March of next year.

In the meantime, Nissan will hold a series of events and experience days to give customers a chance to see the car up-close, get to know it and, ultimately, experience its performance before they take delivery.

In the U.S., the allocation for model year 2008 GT-Rs is sold out, and 60% of 2009’s allocation has already been pre-sold. Customer deliveries of the car begin in the U.S. in July.

The extra delay has been worth it for American and European fans as the GT-R has been given a number of tweaks since its debut in Japan last year. According to the car’s chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, U.S. bound GT-Rs are set to receive three harder engine mounts, firmer spring rates and a stiffer transaxle mount designed to prevent drivetrain components from moving under extreme cornering. European models will get even more tweaks, likely to be new rubber bushes in the steering system and a recalibrated rear-differential.

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