With the multimillion dollar Automotive X Prize competition in full swing we’re starting to be inundated with the myriad of designs and concepts from the 70-odd teams that have already signed up to build and race a commercially viable 100mpg vehicle. The latest concept is the TVA Gazelle tilting vehicle from Australian designer Phillip James.

The vehicle is essentially a quad-bike with an enclosed canopy and is designed to tilt when cornering. The design features a unique steering system that links the steering wheel to the vehicle's tilt angle and not the wheels. This design is said to offer superior stability, especially in the case of an emergency such as when traction is loss due to the wheels having no part in controlling the direction of the vehicle.

James is currently in negotiations with Indian and Chinese manufacturers and predicts that a production version could cost less than $10,000. To reach its goal of delivering a fuel economy rating of 100mpg, the Gazelle will run a compact fuel-injected 350cc petrol engine and is being designed to accept a hybrid or electric powertrain as well. The first prototype is scheduled to start testing in December.