Ferrari's 430 Scuderia was developed with the help of Michael Schumacher to be a thoroughbred track machine that could also be licensed for the street, so it might be hard to think it needs modification. Novitec Rosso, tuners of all things Ferrari, obviously faced no such impediment when turning their attention to their latest Prancing Horse creation.

The primary mechanical addition is a pair of belt-driven superchargers, one for each bank of the Scuderia's 4.3L V8. Boost is limited to 0.48 bar, or 7psi, due to the innately high-compression nature of the engine. Still, that's enough to push the stock unit's 510hp (380kW) up to 717hp (535kW), bringing the car's top speed up to 215mph (348km/h) from the factory specification of 198 (320km/h). Straight-line acceleration numbers are equally impressive, with 62mph (100km/h) ticking by in 3.5 seconds, 124mph (200km/h) in 10.1 seconds and 186mph (300km/h) in 26.1 seconds.

To keep all that power-producing hardware cool, Novitec has added some high-capacity water and oil coolers plus additional coolant capacity for the superchargers themselves. Bigger injectors and new air filters ensure the cylinders get all the air-fuel mixture they need, with the whole thing tied together by a new engine management system.

Cosmetic details are considered as well, with leather and carbon fiber trim for the redesigned steering wheel, shift paddles and a fully customizable interior. Upholstery can be had in 'any colors imaginable'.

Previous takes on the F430 by Novitec Rosso include the 'Race', the 'Tu Nero' and a twin-supercharged Spider.

Novitec Rosso 430 Scuderia