The Challenger has barely begun delivery to the first batch of retail customers and already Chrysler is working on a new drag-race focused special edition of the SRT8 called the Super Stock. The first Mopar-package car in 40 years, the Super Stock, or 'package car' as the Mopar guys refer to it, still remains cloaked in shadow, but the video supplied to whip up a fan frenzy contains some intriguing audio elements. The wide-open snarl of the Hemi V8 certainly gives the impression that the car means business.

Due for unveiling at the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Challenger Mopar package car will give NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) fans the fix they've been after since the Challenger's rebirth was announced. Check out the video for the information from a Mopar engineer and the sounds and very limited sights of the new car.