The Germans in Ingolstadt may be fearing Porsche's imminent takeover, especially as it might affect their 911-fighting R8 sportscar, but if popular demand has any role to play, the car will be safe. Already the entire production allotment of the R8 for 2009 is sold. The wait to buy a new one is now over 18 months.

Sales were unaffected by a $3,500 price rise over the 2008 model to $113,700 for the base model or $122,700 for the Quattro R tronic. The rise only constitutes a change of about 3%, however, so its impact was understandably negligible.

The hand-built R8's production capacity is limited. Just 25 of the cars are built each day, and based on an average working year of 240 days of production, that makes for about 6,000 cars annually, reports Inside Line. Audi of America spokesman Christian Bokich said customers don't care much about details like which model year of car they eventually get, they just want an R8. The new full-LED headlight option might draw some buyers attention, however.

That's an understandable sentiment. The 420hp (313kW) sports car has been widely lauded by the press and at around $115,000, it's a relative bargain, considering the fanstastic looks, superb handling and hand-built German attention to detail. For more on the Audi R8, such as the V12 TDI Concept, check out some of our previous coverage.