Nissan has announced that its updated 3.7L VQ-series engine will make its way into the upcoming G37 Convertible as well as the 2009 G37 Sedan in the North American market, but the company never announced if there were any plans to update the M35 sedan as well. According to a new report, the mid-size sedan misses on the bigger 3.7L mill and will instead feature an updated version of the current 3.5L unit.

The new engine, called the VQ35HR, will output 303hp (225kW) and 262lb-ft (355Nm) of torque – 28 more ponies than the current version. It will appear in both the 2009 M35 and AWD M35x, reports TheCarConnection. The M35 will also be available with a new seven-speed automatic transmission, while the M35x will stick with the older five-speeder.

The VQ35HR is able to rev up to 7,500rpm and uses 10% less fuel than the outgoing motor despite its extra performance. Improvements to the engine design include lighter mass, reduced friction, and reduced piston side-force as a result of asymmetrical piston skirts and longer connecting rods. There’s also variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts.