Chrysler may be struggling substantially more than its Detroit 3 rivals, or any other major carmaker for that matter, but the company is hard at work and investing in the next-generation of powertrain and vehicle technologies. Its co-president has now revealed that three new electric vehicle prototypes, all of which could potentially be produced, will be presented to dealers at a private showing later this month.

Speaking with Automotive News, Jim Press revealed that Chrysler is also working on developing a plug-in hybrid vehicle with a range of 300 miles and capable of accelerating from 0-60mpg in less than four seconds. He also said there were plans for hydrogen-powered fuel-cell models further down the track but their release is likely to be more than a decade away.

"We are making substantial progress on electrification of our vehicles," he told reporters. "Fuel cells are in the future, but probably more in my kids' future than my own."

Press also revealed that Chrysler has access to all of Daimler AG’s technology, as the German giant still owns a 20% stake in the company. Chrysler also has a number of ties with battery suppliers, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Late last year the company announced a new division called ENVI, tasked with developing the carmaker's hybrid and electric-drive vehicles, and before that Jim Press also stated that every Chrysler model would be a hybrid vehicle one day. Pictured above is the all-electric Dodge Zeo, a sports car concept that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.