Dodge has announced its new powertrain lineup for the 2009 Ram pickup, revealing improved fuel economy over the outgoing model and best-in-class power ratings, aerodynamics and performance. Engines available in all-new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 models include a range-topping 390hp (291kW) 407lb-ft (552Nm) 5.7L model, flex-fuel 4.7L and 3.7L petrol models or a 6.7L Cummins turbodiesel engine in the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty.

Providing best-in-class performance, the HEMI V8 engine has been improved with variable valve time, cylinder deactivation, increased compression ratios, an active intake manifold, reduced-restriction exhaust and induction systems and soon a hybrid option. Power is up 13%, torque is up 8% and fuel-consumption is down 4% compared with previous models.

With the new engine on board, the R/T regular-cab 4x2 model equipped with a short bed and 4:10 gears can accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds. Other changes to the lineup include the Dodge Ram’s first-ever crew cab and first-in-segment coil-spring rear suspension.

The available 4.7L V8 delivers 310hp (231kW) and 330lb-ft (447Nm) of torque. The base 3.7L V6 engine generates 215hp (160kW) and 235lb-ft (319Nm) of torque.

The Dodge Ram 1500 Hybrid, available after 2009, will be the latest addition to Chrysler fuel-efficient lineup. Combined with the cylinder deactivation, regenerative brakes and the new HEMI engine, the hybrid powertrain will improve fuel-economy by 25% on the mixed-cycle compared with the standard model.

The two-mode hybrid system uses electric motors to allow the HEMI V8 to remain in four-cylinder mode more often, improving fuel economy.