Ultimate Aero TT

  • SSC Ultimate Aero TT - Image via duPont Registry

    Before there were companies like Koenigsegg and Hennessey vying to dethrone the Bugatti Veyron as the world's fastest car, something Koenigsegg finally achieved last November when one of its Agera RS hypercars ran to 277.9 mph, there was SSC North America (previously Shelby SuperCars) taking the fight to Bugatti. SSC was founded in 1999 by Jerod Shelby and started production of its first product, the Ultimate Aero, seven years later. The fastest version was known as the Ultimate Aero TT. It generated 1,183 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged V-8 and in 2007 was driven to a top speed of 255.8...

  • 2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT
    SSC Sending Out Ultimate Aero With Tuatara-Powered XT

    American supercar manufacturer SSC, formerly Shelby Supercars, has announced that production of its long-running Ultimate Aero is coming to an end. The Ultimate Aero at one point was the fastest production car on the planet, entering the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2007 after posting a...

  • SSC Tuatara supercar concept
    Shelby SuperCars Names 275-MPH Supercar Tuatara

    America's own Shelby SuperCars has just named its 275-mph Veyron Super Sport beater 'Tuatara'.

  • Shelby Supercars second-gen Ultimate Aero leak
    New SSC Supercar Leaked, Reveal Coming Later This Month

    The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has once again put the Volkswagen Group's French marque back at the top of the fastest production car charts with its recent 268-mph record, but within days Shelby Supercars (SSC) announced it would be once again gunning to top Bugatti. We already know that SSC's new...

  • SSC Ultimate Aero TT
    America's SSC Chasing Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 268 MPH Top Speed

    Who didn’t see this one coming? America’s Shelby Super Cars (SSC) will be attempting to reclaim its title of manufacturer of the world’s fastest production car now that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has set the official record of 268 mph. As we...

  • Video: SSC Ultimate Aero TT world record speed run
    SSC Ultimate Aero TT world record speed run

    Last week we reported on SSC's world record breaking speed run. This week, we bring you the video of the event, fresh from Shelby SuperCars. The footage is impressive, but what really gets this gearhead's juices flowing is the incredible sound. Listening to the high-pitched roar of the...

  • SSC Ultimate Aero TT breaks top speed world record

    America’s Shelby Supercars (SSC) is now officially the manufacturer of the ‘World’s Fastest Production Car’ thanks to its Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo supercar. The 1183hp (882kW) speedster set a new top speed record with an average Vmax of 255.83mph (411.76km/h), 3.11mph (5.01km/h) faster than the unofficial record set by the Bugatti Veyron. In order for the achievement to be official under the Guinness World Records’ guidelines, a vehicle testing for the top speed record must race down the course, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within...

  • SSC Ultimate Aero closes in on Veyron’s top speed
    SSC Ultimate Aero closes in on Veyron’s top speed

    To this day, the official top speed record for a production car is 242mph as set by the Koenigsegg CCR. Of course, everyone knows that the Bugatti Veyron can reach 253mph but there’s yet to be an official recording so the Koenigsegg remains as top-dog. To achieve the record and conform to the...

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