Transit Elevated Bus

  • Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) - Image via China Xinhua News

    Last summer, a seemingly cool "straddling bus" project in China made headlines. The futuristic thing swooped above traffic on rails at the side and center of the road. Well, after a whole lot of hoopla and promotion—including a happy video—it all came crashing down. Not literally, mind you, but figuratively. The straddling bus now sits under an open-ended shed, apparently abandoned, and it hasn't run in months, according to Shanghaiist. Down off its extended side legs, it lies gathering dust, and in fact it's now blocking traffic along one of the roads whose congestion it was...

  • Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) - Image via China Xinhua News
    Doubts raised over China’s traffic-straddling bus

    China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) made headlines last week after the company behind the project, TEBtech, conducted a first real-world test. However, questions have been raised as to whether it's just one big scam. As China’s Global Times points out, much of TEBtech's capital has been...

  • Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) - Image via China Xinhua News
    China’s traffic-straddling bus is real, carries first passengers

    The Chinese port city of Qinhuangdao was the location for the first test of an innovative new mode of public transport called the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), a high-riding bus that can glide over gridlocked traffic. According to China Xinhua News, the test was carried out on Tuesday, with engineers...

  • Chinese Land Airbus concept
    China's 'Land Airbus' will let you drive directly under a bus

    A new take on mass transit may be headed to China as early as the end of the year: A so-called "Land Airbus" system that looks like an overgrown monorail as it motors over existing lanes of traffic. The big catch: cars can actually drive under the Land Airbus. For now, the concept only exists as a...

  • 3D Express Coach
    China plans new buses tall enough to drive under

    Chinese commuters know as well as anyone else what it's like to live with traffic and congestion on a daily basis. Cars, pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and trucks form a perpetual gridlock as millions move about in the city on a daily basis. Outside-the-box thinking may be the best bet for clearing...

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