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  • Subaru BRZ STI Concept live photos

    Subaru's long-awaited rear-drive sports coupe is nearing its final stages before entering production, with the BRZ STI Concept at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show all but revealing the car that'll be menacing streets near you in just a few months. These live images show the car up close and personal, as it sits on the Subaru stand right now. Painted in World Rally Blue (but without gold BBS wheels as you might expect) the BRZ STI Concept is perhaps a bit bawdier than the standard BRZ will be when it does go to retail; the big wing, however, is likely to stick around, at least as an option--it's...

  • Subaru BRZ STI Concept
    Subaru Plans To Enter Its BRZ In Japan's Super GT Series

    Subaru and Toyota will release their joint-venture sport coupes later this month, but Subaru has scooped Toyota by announcing a BRZ racing program for the 2012 Japanese Super GT season.

  • Alleged leaked shots of Toyota FT-86 sports car
    Toyota FT-86 Specs Leaked: 200 HP, 2,700 LB

    Just as we expected, the Toyota FT-86 (and very likely its FR-S variant) will get a 200-horsepower boxer four-cylinder and weigh in around 2,700 pounds depending on options, according to a comparative spec sheet released today. The comparison chart, leaked today via FT-86 Club, says as much about...

  • 2012 Subaru BRZ coupe spy shots
    Subaru BRZ Gets More Power, 5-Series GT M Sport, SEMA 2011: Today's Car News

    The 2011 SEMA show is humming already with most of the major manufacturers prepping multiple concepts for display. Subaru's BRZ coupe may get more power than its Toyota sibling, and a convertible could be possible, too. The 5-Series GT is now available with the M Sport package, and we have a host...

  • Subaru BRZ Prologue - BOXER Sports Car Architecture II live photos
    More Details On Los Angeles Auto Show-Bound Subaru BRZ: Report

    Subaru's version of the shared rear-drive sports car platform that will also be marketed as a Toyota (FT-86 II) and a Scion (FRS) will be making its official debut in not-quite-production trim at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. We already know a little about the car, but today, we get a few more...

  • Subaru BRZ Prologue - BOXER Sports Car Architecture II live photos
    Subaru BRZ Prologue New Details, Live Photos: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

    Subaru again rolled out its upcoming rear-wheel-drive sports car, now called the BRZ Prologue in conceptual-skeleton form at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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