• Audi A0 Monocycle Concept

    If you've always found the Segway's two wheels to be a little excessive you'll be pleased to hear Audi has come to the rescue. The A0 - A1 being a European-market minicar and A2 an aluminum-bodied economy car - is a conceptual foray into the world of personalized mobility developed jointly by Technische Universität München in Germany, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. It's known as a monocycle (presumably "unicycle" sounds a little too "circus clown") and motion is granted by an electric motor that turns a single, hollow wheel that's self-stabilized and...

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    General Motors Picks U.K. For EN-V City Car Euro Manufacture

    Small cars are becoming big business. The smart fortwo, Scion iQ, Gordon Murray's upcoming T.25, the Renault Twizy... more and more carmakers are developing tiny vehicles to provide our city transportation of the future. General Motors has jumped on the bandwagon too. GM showed the cleverly named...

  • SF Bay Area Wussies, or, Ultra-Urban Mobility In Action. Photo by Matt H.
    Reader Pic: When Your Segway Isn't Enough, Get Smart

    This driver's urban ultra-mobility cocktail is made of one part Smart car and one part all-terrain Segway. It also has a dash of crazy, for flavor. We're not exactly sure what's going on here, except that we kind of like it and kind of hate it all at once. Perhaps that has something to do with the...

  • Segway
    Segway Owner Dies In Segway Accident

    We're sorry to report that Jimi Heselden, the lead owner of Segway PT, has died -- apparently from an accident on his own Segway. Heselden began life as a miner and and worked his way up the economic ladder by developing clever military defense systems like the widely used HESCO bastion. In 2009...

  • GM and Segway Project P.U.M.A.
    GM teams up with Segway for new personal mobility vehicle

    Just days out from the New York Auto Show, General Motors, together with Segway, has unveiled a new type of vehicle that could change the way we move around in cities. Labeled Project P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), the vehicle is an electrically powered, two-seat pod that has...

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