We're sorry to report that Jimi Heselden, the lead owner of Segway PT, has died -- apparently from an accident on his own Segway.

Heselden began life as a miner and and worked his way up the economic ladder by developing clever military defense systems like the widely used HESCO bastion. In 2009, Heselden led a group of British investors in the purchase of Segway PT from Segway, Inc.

Heselden was apparently surveying his estate on Sunday morning, when he and his Segway veered off a cliff, plummeting to the rocky shores of the River Wharfe below. He was found at 11:40am yesterday and pronounced dead at the scene. Foul play isn't suspected.

At the time of his death, Heselden was 62 years old and worth £166 million, or $262 million. Here's hoping that the ingenuity that marked Heselden's own life and the Segway personal transporter lives on.

[Telegraph via Marty]