• 2014 Lotus Elise S Cup R

    The Elise S Cup R is a track-bred version of Lotus' topless sports car.

  • Modern-day MINI assembly at MINI Plant Oxford, England, Mar 2013 (the plant's 100th birthday)
    World's Third-Oldest Car Plant At 100 Years: MINIs Still Rolling Off Line

    You'd never know it today, but there once was a time when Britain had the second-largest automotive industry in the world. A bit of that heritage surfaces this month as one of the seminal auto plants that built Britain's industry celebrates its 100th birthday. That site, now called MINI Plant...

  • David Coulthard tests the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell prototype
    Beat An F1 Star In "World's Biggest Race" On Gran Turismo 5

    For everyone who has ever uttered the words, "I bet I could beat that guy" when watching motor racing on television, getting a chance to actually go head to head with a Formula 1 driver could be your opportunity to prove it. European gamers will do just that on September 5, when Gran Turismo 5 fans...

  • 2011 Aston Martin Rapide
    Aston Martin Rapide Production Moving To UK In 2012

    It’s hard to believe but one of Aston Martin’s most popular models, the Rapide luxury four-door coupe, is not actually manufactured by Aston Martin. Instead, production of the Rapide is handled by independent vehicle manufacturer Magna Steyr in Austria. The decision to outsource...

  • SAIC MG6 Five-Door
    First New MG Model In 16 Years Goes Into Production In England

    The long, sad, failure-ridden story of what used to be England's auto industry has filled many books, and drained many pints of both ale and oil. But next Wednesday, a new car will roll off the lines of the former Austin factory in Longbridge, England, headed for showrooms later this year. The new...

  • Flag of Switzerland
    Switzerland Serves Google Street View Its Biggest Smackdown To Date

    Here in America, we think Google Street View is great -- all unicorns and double-rainbows -- but elsewhere in the world, folks have been significantly less enthralled. Germany ordered Google to let citizens opt-out of having their homes included on the service. England and Canada found Google...

  • Broken down car

    They say that cars are getting more complicated, and that home maintenance is becoming less easy to accomplish under all the plastic covers and with unfathomable electronics. Still, for four million motorists in Great Britain, dabbling in a little mechanical upkeep is the least of their problems - as they can't even open the hood. It's just one of the staggering statistics that British drivers really shouldn't be proud of in a new survey by oil company Castrol. Even if that 17 percent of female and 6 percent of male drivers could open the 'bonnet', they probably wouldn't know what to do when...

  • Bentley – An Unbroken Line
    Follow The Development Of A Bentley From The First Sketch To Production

    Bentley’s design team is offering a rare opportunity to take a glimpse inside the usually secret and closed world of their studios and follow the development of a Bentley vehicle from the first sketch right through to the moment it sweeps through the factory gates. ‘An Unbroken...

  • Princess Beatrice
    Princess Beatrice's BMW Bashed In Britain

    So, apparently, there is a Princess Beatrice. And apparently, she's fifth in line to the British throne. We have already learned so much more than we usually do on Mondays. But wait, there's more: we now know that Beatrice drives a BMW 1-series. Or rather: drove, since the poor German coupe was...

  • Segway
    Segway Owner Dies In Segway Accident

    We're sorry to report that Jimi Heselden, the lead owner of Segway PT, has died -- apparently from an accident on his own Segway. Heselden began life as a miner and and worked his way up the economic ladder by developing clever military defense systems like the widely used HESCO bastion. In 2009...

  • George Michael
    George Michael And The Gaoler

    So, George Michael: Britain's death-wishy answer to Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, and Kevin Spacey. He's like the holiday turducken no one wants to eat. This photo says it all, right? We think it was taken the night that he crashed his Land Rover through the front window of a photo shop. (Side...

  • Bentley works, Crewe - Mulsanne shell during assembly process
    Slideshow: Tour of New Bentley Mulsanne Factory in Crewe

    Sometimes photos speak louder than words. This slideshow provides just a few snapshots of what Bentley buyers experience if they visit the factory in Crewe, England, to commission a new Mulsanne. The new body assembly hall built just for the Mulsanne includes a viewing platform, so visitors can...

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