• Volvo Launches Latest Autonomous Cars Pilot In Sweden

    Whatever driving enthusiasts think of autonomous cars, it looks very much like the concept is here to stay. Volvo has now launched a pilot project in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, where its self-driving vehicles will be tested on real public roads among other, non-autonomous traffic. Volvo calls the project "Drive Me – Self-driving cars for sustainable mobility", a joint initiative between Volvo, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park and the City of Gothenburg. DON'T MISS: Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies In Fiery Crash...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars during testing
    Volvo Paves Way For Car-To-Car Communications With Signing Of MoU

    Volvo is paving the way for the implementation of Car-2-Car and Car-2-Object communication systems in its own vehicles with the signing today of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with fellow members of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium being run in Europe. The consortium’s goal is to...

  • SARTRE self-driving road train testing on Spanish highway
    Volvo Concludes SARTRE Autonomous Car Research, Looks To Implementation

    Europe’s SARTRE (SAfe Road TRains for the Environment) project, first established in 2009, has come to an end, with the results proving positive for all those involved. One of the partners was Swedish automaker Volvo, which is now looking at integrating some of the findings in its production...

  • SARTRE self-driving road train testing on Spanish highway
    SARTRE Self-Driving Road Train Takes To Public Roads: Video

    While in the U.S. firms such as Google are attempting to revolutionize mobility by doing away with the driver completely, over in Europe researchers are taking smaller steps towards making autonomous driving a reality. For the past couple of years we’ve been bringing you details about the...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars first real-world test
    Video: SARTRE Self-Driving Road Train Conducts First Test

    Europe’s SARTRE (SAfe Road TRains for the Environment) project is well underway, having carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo’s proving grounds near Gothenburg, Sweden. The SARTRE project is attempting to launch new technology for...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars
    Self-Driving Cars Take A Step Closer To Reality

    Autonomous or ‘self-driving’ cars have been around for a while, at least in prototype form. In fact, just this week we reported on Audi’s autonomous TTS, which successfully charted the grueling 12.42 mile Pikes Peak run. However, about a year ago we reported on a government-backed...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars

    Current estimates put a retail launch for self-driving cars at least ten years away.

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