• Honda 3E robot concepts for 2018 CES

    Move over, Asimo, because Honda has four new robots it wants the world to get acquainted with. Meet 3E-A18, 3E-B18, 3E-C18, and 3E-D18, and each falls under one of Honda's core robotic pillars of purpose and serves a specific function. The four robots made their debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The 3E prefix denotes the three core principles of Honda robotics: empower, experience, and empathy. The company's first two concepts fall under the "empower" pillar and they are the D18 and C18. D18 is an autonomous ATV that Honda calls an off-road workhorse. The robot can...

  • Bionic Bopper Cars (Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer)
    Mondays: Much More Fun With Bionic Bopper Cars

    We feel sorry for Monday sometimes. It's had the misfortune of being placed after the weekend, and through no fault of its own reviled by adults and children everywhere for spoiling their free time. Maybe if we had access to some Bionic Bopper Cars every Monday, the day's reputation would improve...

  • ZMP RoboCar MEV-C automated vehicle
    Latest RoboCar Prototype: Ugly, But High Tech And Autonomous

    Some cars are beautiful. Others are fast. Some others are incredibly practical. Some other cars are none of these things, but their importance isn't in their looks, speed or usability but the technological advancements they'll offer to the car industry as a whole. The RoboCar MEV-C is one of these...

  • Ford's robotic laser inspection system. Image: Ford Motor Company
    Laser-Wielding Robots Build Better Fords

    Laser-beam-emitting-robots were once the stuff of 1950s science-fiction nightmares, but today they’re on our side and helping Ford Motor Company to build a better product. Ford has invested some $100 million to install robotic plant laser inspection technology in their Chicago, Michigan and...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Robot Driving: First Pikes Peak, Next Nevada, Then Your Town?

    Recently Google requested a waiver from lawmakers in Nevada to allow it to test its computer-driven cars on Nevada public roads. Could robotic cars be safe on everyday roads? In the last couple of years, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has finally seen driverless cars fully...

  • Honda ASIMO
    Honda ASIMO gets his own iPhone app, Android version coming soon

    While it may not be strictly car news, we just couldn't resist writing this story up about Honda's new ASIMO app for the Apple iPhone. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, ASIMO is a robot that resembles a small astronaut wearing a backpack and can walk or run on two feet...

  • GM and NASA's Robonaut 2 droid

    General Motors is still building rockets, and it's also in the business of building androids. Real, space-going humanoid robots. That's right, the NASA-GM built Robonaut 2 is finally going up to the International Space Station aboard the space shuttle Discovery November 1. So why, exactly, did GM build a space-going android when it's ostensibly in the business of making and selling cars? According to Alan Taub, GM's vice president of global R&D, "We envision the R2 technology transfer will enable GM to build better, safer, higher quality vehicles in a more flexible, more competitive and...

  • GM and NASA's Robonaut 2 droid
    GM And NASA To Launch R2 Robonaut Into Space

    The GM and NASA co-developed space robot will be joining the International Space Station.

  • MIT and Audi's AIDA robot driving assistant
    Audi And MIT Partner For AIDA, A Friendly In-Car Robot

    The robot is the next generation of human-machine interface devices.

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