Oil changes

  • Bugatti Veyron oil change

    Technical knowhow is the main reason it's a good idea to go to a certified dealerships for maintenance on high-end supercars. A video from Royalty Exotic Cars owner Houston Crosta helps us understand why this is the case for the Bugatti Veyron. We're willing to bet right now Bugatti technicians would collectively gasp at the procedures used in the video. For starters, the Veyron doesn't fit on a standard lift, so the mechanics use wheel jacks to start lifting the car up before the lift can do its job. When the car is ready for the oil change, it's not a simple hood pop and drain. No, instead...

  • Lubricheck oil condition gadget
    Is Oil Okay Under The Hood? Check With Lubricheck Gadget

    It is recommended that you regularly check certain areas of your car, ensuring that there are no defects potentially leading to component failures or breakdowns. You should make sure your car is in generally good condition, ensure all your lights work and that your tires are in good order as well...

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