Microsoft Sync

  • Ford SYNC

    When you think of Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum, you may imagine Eniac, or a DEC PDP-8, perhaps even such early personal computers as the Altair and Apple II. Well, think SYNC, too. Curators at the museum have added Ford's SYNC in-car connectivity and communications system to its permanent collection. The system, introduced in Fall 2007 as a $395 option on the restyled 2008 Ford Focus, was an instant hit, boosting Ford's awareness and credibility among tech-savvy younger drivers. It also, Ford said later, raised the average purchase price of the then-aging Focus model by several...

  • Toyota Entune Multimedia System
    Toyota, Microsoft Announce Next-Gen Azure Telematics Project

    A new strategic partnership between Toyota and Microsoft will see the next generation of telematics systems built on the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing the incorporation of GPS, energy management, multimedia, and more within a single platform. Microsoft's SYNC system, already several years old...

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    2011 Ford Fiesta Rocks Out With Voice Control For Pandora

    How would you like to choose between personalized Pandora stations, or select from the programming in your Stitcher custom channels, while keeping both hands on the wheel?

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