Lister Thunder

  • 2019 Lister LFT-666

    Lister revealed its first car since the 1993 Storm supercar earlier this year with an appropriate follow-up name: the Thunder. But, now Thunder is out, and the name LFT-666 is in. The revived British sports car marque announced Wednesday it has redesignated the car as the LFT-666, with the triple six in the name signifying the car's ungodly 666-horsepower rating; it makes the LFT-666 is the most powerful sports car in the company's history. Although the LFT-666 still wears its Jaguar F-Type looks (as if that's a bad thing), Lister announced that its version wears in-house designed carbon...

  • 2018 Lister Thunder
    Lister unveils 'new' Thunder sports car

    Revived British sports car marque Lister has unveiled its first new car since the Storm of the 1990s. We use the term “new” lightly, however, because the car unveiled by Lister on Wednesday is actually a modified Jaguar F-Type. Lister is calling it the Thunder, and just like its Storm...

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