• Garmin portable head-up display

    Head-up display systems have been around for decades but despite their added safety (by allowing you to keep your eyes on the road) you still won't find it a standard feature in many cars. If you’ve bought a car and discovered that it didn't have a head-up display, there are a growing number of affordable aftermarket kits available. Navigation specialist Garmin is the latest to release a simple head-up display system, which is portable so can be used in multiple cars. The Garmin unit receives navigation information from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone running a Garmin StreetPilot1 or...

  •  Garmin portable navigation kit now offered on all Volvos
    Garmin Developing Next-Level Avionics-Based Infotainment

    As cars become more connected with the virtual world around us, automakers will be required to pay closer attention to the features and quality of the infotainment systems they place inside their automobiles. We want the responsiveness of an Apple iPhone touchscreen mixed with the ease of use of...

  • 2014 Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive
    Future Mercedes Infotainment Systems Will Integrate Garmin Navigation

    Mercedes-Benz has entered a deal that will see Garmin navigation systems fully integrated with the automaker’s infotainment systems over the next four years. The move will allow Mercedes infotainment systems to benefit from Garmin's expertise in navigation and interface design, which should...

  • Navigon 2.0 update for iOS
    Navigon Now Lets Users Download Maps One State At A Time

    Millions of Americans are planning road trips this holiday week, and many of them will use navigation software to get them where they need to go -- whether that's over the river and through the woods or to the outlet mall. The Navigon MobileNavigator smartphone app recently made things simpler for...

  • Garmin's updated nüvi lineup
    Garmin's Big News Is...Updated GPS Units

    Late last week, Garmin rolled out a teaser campaign for something to be unveiled on August 24th. Assuming that Garmin is a forward-thinking manufacturer of high-tech gadgets, we imagined that the company might roll out an Android app (finally) or perhaps a telematics service to compete with OnStar...

  • Chadwick Martin Bailey study on smartphone & tablet usage habits, May 2011
    Taps For TomTom: The Standalone GPS Unit Is Dead

    The lightbulb killed the gas lamp. The DVD killed the VHS tape. And now, the world is preparing for the death of another invention past its prime: the standalone GPS device. We've been expecting this funeral for some time. Google Maps' debut on smartphones was a bad omen, and each new travel app...

  • Garmin teaser campaign, August 2011

    Garmin has launched a new teaser campaign via email and Facebook, and because it's a slow news day, our crack team of marketing specialists has decided to take some guesses at what all the fuss is about. So far, it appears that Garmin's campaign has two components: an email containing an image that reads, "Reimagined. Redesigned. Ready to move you. 08.24.2011", and a video that the company has posted only to its Facebook page. Unfortunately, the folks at Garmin don't seem to understand that Facebook videos can't be shared outside of Facebook, and the company hasn't yet bothered to upload the...

  • Garmin Darth Vader Premium Voice and Graphics Bundle
    Darth Vader Crosses Over To The Dark Side (AKA Garmin)

    A little over a year ago, we told you about a licensing deal that brought familiar Star Wars voices like Darth Vader and Yoda to TomTom voice-navigation. Now, however, it appears that Darth Vader has become a double-agent, because he's now on Garmin, too. Everyone's second-favorite man in black...

  •  Garmin portable navigation kit now offered on all Volvos
    Entire Volvo Range Now Offered With Portable Garmin GPS Navigation

    Automakers have been working closely with electronic component suppliers over the past couple of years in order to develop a new generation of low cost navigation and infotainment systems designed for both vehicle and personal use. Harman International previously confirmed plans to supply a...

  • Garmin Nuvi 660
    Personal Sat-Nav Devices No Longer A Hot In-Car Gadget?

    Not so long ago, companies such as Garmin and TomTom were enjoying strong sales in the PND, or 'Personal Navigation Device' market. Offering inexpensive personal satellite navigation systems for use in your car, they were a popular choice for those not willing to spend sometimes ten times the price...

  • Jolly green giant statue in Blue Earth, MN
    Garmin Makes Road Trips Fun With Maps From

    Garmin, TomTom, and other aftermarket telematics systems have been fighting an uphill battle since July 2008. That's when Apple launched the App Store and smartphone users began to realize that apps could serve the same function as pricey dashtop units, but with minimal upfront cost and no...

  • Garmin EcoRoute ESP via CNet
    Garmin EcoRoute ESP Puts Virtual Gauges On Your Nuvi

    The special module lets the Garmin Nuvi navigation device display key OBDII information.

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