A little over a year ago, we told you about a licensing deal that brought familiar Star Wars voices like Darth Vader and Yoda to TomTom voice-navigation. Now, however, it appears that Darth Vader has become a double-agent, because he's now on Garmin, too.

Everyone's second-favorite man in black (after Johnny Cash, of course), is available for Garmin navigation systems as a premium voice and graphics bundle for $12.99. The voice alone is great, but the thing that makes this a must-have feature for Garmin users is the graphics portion of the download, which transforms your midsize sedan or SUV into a TIE fighter. (Check the graphic above for verification of awesomeness.)

No word yet on whether Garmin might roll out other voices from the Star Wars lineup. Darth Vader is great, but if Garmin really wants to distinguish itself from the competition, maybe it should offer some less-appreciated characters -- say, Jabba the Hut or R2D2? Or cut straight to the chase and bring out Johnny Cash himself.

Here's a quick demo of the feature in action -- though sadly, the TIE fighter icon isn't present in this version. Still, the voice actor is pretty good, no?


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