Mercedes-Benz has entered a deal that will see Garmin navigation systems fully integrated with the automaker’s infotainment systems over the next four years.

The move will allow Mercedes infotainment systems to benefit from Garmin's expertise in navigation and interface design, which should provide a huge step up on previous implementations.

Mercedes is the second automaker to announce plans to fully integrate Garmin’s navigation systems, with Chrysler having announced something similar in 2011.

In addition to displaying navigation and maps on Mercedes’ typical dash-mounted display, users will have access to important driver information, such as next turn and street names, at a glance on the secondary display screen located in the main instrument cluster.

To enter commands, users will be able to use the standard COMAND rotary controller or voice command functionality.

Mercedes also promises that the new navigation system will work with the automaker’s own Advanced Driver Assistance system, which integrates most of the sensor-based technologies including also the new Distronic Plus cruise control system with Steering Assist autonomous mode.  

The first application of the new Garmin navigation system developed for Mercedes will likely appear in the redesigned 2014 S Class due in the coming months.