• 2012 Infiniti G25 Sedan

    Luxury automaker Infiniti recently announced a few changes to its product lineup for the 2013 model year. First and foremost is the discontinuation of the gateway-to-the-brand G25 sedan, which leaves the automaker without a competitively-priced answer to Lexus’ IS 250. Infiniti didn’t give a reason for the G25’s demise, but we suspect it has to do with disappointing sales of the base model and a strong Japanese yen reducing profit on the smaller-engined G sedan. The G25 will be sold through December of 2012, but sales beyond that will be limited to dealer inventory. Also...

  • Parking lot
    Watchdog Tech Will Catch Dastardly Parking Lot Dingers

    If your car is your pride and joy you'll know the annoyance of returning to it after a shopping trip to find that some imbecile has opened their door onto yours or carelessly parked and left a dent and a scrape. And let's face it, if they're careless enough to ding your door they're hardly going to...

  • 2011 Infiniti EX
    2011 Infiniti EX Preview

    The 2011 Infiniti EX is coming into the latest model year with a few minor updates to keep it fresh in the eyes of luxury crossover buyers, especially with newcomers like the 2011 BMW X3 and the ever-popular Lexus RX on the prowl. The biggest changes are the introduction of a new seven-speed...

  • 2009 Infiniti EX35
    2010 Infiniti EX35: Same Price, More Features

    The 2010 Infiniti EX35 starts at $33,800 but adds more value for the new model year.

  • 2009 Infiniti EX35
    Infiniti prices 2009 EX crossover from $33,800

    Infiniti today announced pricing for its 2009 model year EX35 crossover, which officially goes on sale nationwide tomorrow and comes with a more generous list of standard equipment and new safety features. For 2009, the base RWD model, which retails for $33,800, now features standard...

  • 2008 SEMA Infiniti EX preview sketch
    Infiniti to showcase entire lineup at SEMA debut

    Infiniti is set to make its first-ever showing at the SEMA Auto Show that is taking place in Las Vegas this week, but despite its relative inexperience at the event the carmaker is bringing its entire lineup. This means there will be custom versions of the sporty G coupe and sedan, the M luxury...

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