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  • 2018 BMW M5

    The automotive industry at large may be working to downsize engines to extract greater fuel efficiency from cars, but not BMW's M division. Today's modern 4-cylinder engines aren't up to par for the performance division and BMW M's chief, Frank van Meel, said there won't be an M car powered by a 4-cylinder anytime soon. The executive made the comments to Australian media in Munich, and they were reported on by Car Advice. According to van Meel, the division he oversees is keen to keep its inline-6 engines for the foreseeable future. “We are really happy with our 6-cylinder [engines]...

  • New 1.8 TFSI turbocharged four-cylinder for the Audi A5
    40 MPG And 170 BHP? Audi Engine Offers Frugality And Fun

    High performance usually means taking a hit as far as economy is concerned, and impressive economy numbers don't often provide much in the way of fun. Proving that MPG and MPH aren't mutually exclusive, Audi's new 1.8 TFSI engine boasts some impressive statistics. Turbocharging, clever fuel...

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