• 9ff Porsche GT9-R

    The European car market continues to decline as the economies of most of its nations spiral downward, and the toll on the upper end of the custom and tuner segment continues to rise. Porsche-specific tuner companies 9ff and speedART have both filed for insolvency protection in Germany this month. They join Wiesmann, Artega, Melkus, and Gumpert among the fallen, and while there aren't many tuner/custom/boutique car companies left at this point, 9ff and speedART aren't likely to be the last. All of these companies have gone under in the past 18 months. 9ff is perhaps best known for its 257-mph...

  • 9ff Porsche GT9-R
    257-MPH 9ff GT9-R Supercar Prototype On Sale On Jameslist

    The car is numbered 00/20 and starts at $1.1 million.

  • 9ff Porsche GT9-R
    9ff Releases Final Specs For 257-MPH GT9-R Supercar

    With the new GT9-R, 9ff has the SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s 255 mph top speed in its sights.

  • 9ff GT9R Convertible Preview
    Report: 9ff Working On 250+ mph Convertible GT9R

    The drop-top speed demon will be available in the UAE initially.

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera by 9ff Renderings
    More Details Emerge On 9ff's Modified Porsche Panamera

    The 9ff Panamera still isn't a reality yet, but today's announcement moves it closer.

  • 9ff BT-2 997 Porsche 911 GT2
    9ff modified Porsche 911 GT2 reaches 240mph

    Driving the Porsche GT2 is often described as dancing with death - consider that the GT2 takes all the mechanicals of the Porsche 911 Turbo, then adds more horsepower and removes the safety of all-wheel-drive, leaving you with a car that will pirouette on cue without cautious use of the right foot...

  • 9ff DraXster based on the Porsche 911

    Porsche tuning specialists 9ff has unveiled its latest supercar, this time a modified Porsche seemingly focused on drag racing. Featuring a 4.0L twin-turbo flat six engine, the new 9ff puts out around 1,300hp (970kW) while torque spikes at 877lb-ft (1,190Nm). All that horsepower is contained in a lightweight 1,168kg package, meaning that the 9ff DraXster is capable of hitting 161mph (260km/h) in a Veyron beating time of just 9.5 seconds. Currently, pricing and final top speed figures for the DraXster are unknown, but with that amount of power the car may be capable of beating the SSC Ultimate...

  • 9ff Porsche Carrera GTT 900
    9ff boosts the Porsche Carrera GT with new GTT 900 package

    The Carrera GT may no longer be in production but that hasn’t stopped Porsche specialists 9ff from creating a new performance package for the stunning supercar. The tuning firm’s latest creation is the GTT 900 package, which was on display at this weekend’s Essen Motor Show in...

  • 9ff Porsche GT9R supercar
    Faster 9ff GT9 ‘R’ in the works

    Engineers at 9ff finally reached their goal of building a car capable of toppling the Bugatti Veyron’s top speed title by unveiling the 409km/h (254mph) GT9 supercar earlier this year. However, during the car’s long gestation, a new speed king arrived on the market in the form of the...

  • porsche 911 gt2 9ff 009
    9ff shows off custom 670hp Porsche 911 GT2

    In terms of factory-built near-race cars, the Porsche GT2 is a legendary beast - its current generation generates 530hp (395kW) in stock form, and its raw, unbridled character is famous (or infamous) thanks to the rear-drive, rear-engine configuration. The tuners at 9ff decided it just wasn't quite...

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