The Carrera GT may no longer be in production but that hasn’t stopped Porsche specialists 9ff from creating a new performance package for the stunning supercar. The tuning firm’s latest creation is the GTT 900 package, which was on display at this weekend’s Essen Motor Show in Germany.

By adding a pair of turbochargers to the Carrera GT’s high-strung V10 engine, 9ff has managed to draw an additional 300hp (224kW) over the standard model. Other changes include new camshafts, less restrictive exhaust manifolds, and a special muffler with a unique valve system and end-pipes. The end result is a final output of 900hp (671kW).

The car was also given a bright red paint scheme with contrasting carbon-fiber accents, and a fully customized bodykit with cut-out front wheel wells. Availability and final specifications are yet to be revealed, but in the meantime head over to to see more images.

9ff also used this weekend’s Essen event to showcase its still-in-development GT9 ‘R’ supercar, with which the company hopes to claim the title of world’s fastest production car. Featuring a 1,120hp (836kW) and 774lb-ft (1,050Nm) forced-induction powerplant, the new model will have to outpace the 411km/h (255mph) top speed set by the SSC Ultimate Aero TT.