Volvo is preparing to enter the minivan space with an electric entry dubbed the EM90.

It's set for debut on Nov. 12 and currently only confirmed for sale in China. The reservation process will start there following the reveal, Volvo said.

A U.S. launch isn't expected, as buyers here tend to flock to SUVs for extra seats.

Teaser material released on Thursday gives us an aerial shot of the EM90 as well as a look inside, with the latter depicting the van being used as a mobile room that could serve as a lounge or workspace, in addition to a mode of transport.

The basis of the van will be the Zeekr 009 minivan that debuted last year. Zeekr is a sister brand to Volvo within the Zhejiang Geely portfolio of brands, and like Volvo is focused on high-end EVs.

Zeekr was launched in China in 2021 with the 001 hatch and expanded to select European countries in June, with more countries to be added to that list. A launch in the U.S. hasn't been announced.

2023 Zeekr 009

2023 Zeekr 009

Its 009 is based on Geely's SEA platform which Volvo is using for its EX30 subcompact crossover that reaches the U.S. next summer. In the 009, the platform supports dual motors and a peak output of 534 hp. Volvo's EM90 will likely offer similar performance in range-topping guise.

The EM90 is thought to be one of six EVs destined for Volvo's lineup through 2026. The others are tipped to include the EX30, mid-size EX90, a compact offering likely to be badged an EX60, and two sedans in the same segments as the current S60 and S90, likely badged ES60 and ES90.