Lancia is a week away from revealing a concept car to mark the start of its transition to an electric lineup, and a teaser shot has been released.

The concept car is set to make its debut on April 15 at an event coinciding with Milan Design Week, and while it isn't expected to spawn a production model, it previews certain themes that will make it onto three electric vehicles the Stellantis-owned brand plans to launch by 2028.

The latest teaser shows the interior of the concept, which Lancia describes as “cozy, eclectic and sustainable.”

The contrasting colors and the combination of circles and straight lines definitely looks eclectic, and Lancia said many of the materials used are either natural fibers or recycled. As for coziness, the seats are described as being inspired by the high-end furniture of fellow Italian company Cassina.

Teaser for Lancia concept debuting on April 15, 2023

Teaser for Lancia concept debuting on April 15, 2023

A previous teaser shot revealed a wedge-like tail design, leading to rumors the concept will be a modern interpretation of Lancia's Stratos sports car of the 1970s.

Lancia's sole offering at present is the Ypsilon minicar, which was introduced in 2011. A redesigned Ypsilon with electric power will arrive in 2024 as the first of Lancia's three new EVs.

A new model described by Lancia as a flagship will follow in 2024 and then a modern Delta will arrive in 2028.

Given Lancia's focus on the European market, there's little chance any of the EVs will reach the U.S.