There's a Silicon Valley electric-vehicle startup by the name of Drako, which in 2019 unveiled the GTE electric super sedan packing 1,200 hp and a starting price of $1.25 million.

At the time, the performance was still somewhat revolutionary for a production EV, though since then both Tesla and Lucid have launched electric sedans with over 1,000 hp but costing a fraction of the price of the Drako. In the case of Tesla's Model S Plaid, we're talking less than $140,000.

The GTE was meant to launch in 2021 but that didn't happen, and now Drako is focused on a new model, this time an SUV. It's called the Dragon, and Drako boasts a peak output of 2,000 hp. With so much oomph, Drako claims the Dragon will hit 60 mph from rest in 1.9 seconds, run the quarter-mile in 9.0 seconds flat, and top out over 200 mph.

The powertrain in the Dragon is a quad-motor system where each motor acts independently, resulting in precise torque vectoring. Controlling the system is Drako's own DriveOS software. The Dragon will also sport three-way adjustable suspension to help it handle on both smooth roads and rough off-road trails, Drako said. Details of the battery weren't mentioned but Drako's GTE was announced with a 90-kilowatt-hour unit good for about 200 miles of range.

Teaser for Drako Dragon

Teaser for Drako Dragon

While Drako's GTE used the body of the firmer Fisker Karma and current Karma GS-6, the Dragon features a bespoke body penned by GranStudio. The Italian design house and coachbuilder will also be responsible for production of the Dragon.

You'll notice the Dragon features supercar-like elements in the design, including flying buttresses and gullwing doors. The construction is said to be mostly carbon fiber, and inside there's claimed to be space for five and all their luggage.

Not wanting to price itself out of the market, Drako said the Dragon will be priced competitively against the high-performance SUVs it's meant to compete with, such as the Aston Martin DBX, Lamborghini Urus, and recently revealed Lotus Eletre, another electric SUV. This means we can expect a price tag somewhere in the $200,000 bracket.

Drako hasn't said how many examples are destined to be built, but we'd imagine the number is higher than the 25 GTE units the company previously planned. Drako will start accepting reservations for the Dragon shortly and plans to reveal the vehicle later this year.