You don't often get anything free in life, at least as far as car features are concerned, but most owners of 2020 and newer Infinitis can have wireless Apple CarPlay installed in their vehicles free of charge.

Infiniti has been rolling out the Bluetooth-based wireless connection for Apple CarPlay in its 2022 models but owners of the Q50, Q60, QX50 and QX80 from either the 2020 or 2021 model years can have the feature installed after a visit to their local Infiniti dealership.

The offer is available until March 31, 2022.

Infiniti estimates that 80% of its customers own at least one Apple product, so we can imagine quite a few of the eligible customers taking up Infiniti's offer.

Smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been a boon for vehicle owners faced with in-car infotainment systems that can be confusing or difficult to use when driving. Once your phone is connected, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enable the phone's apps to be controlled via the phone's own menus, using the vehicle's infotainment system. This makes it easy to use popular apps from the phone while behind the wheel, such as Siri, Waze, and much more.