The 2021 Ford Bronco launch hasn't gone according to plan thanks to Covid-19, production issues, and now quality control issues. What a bucking mess.

On Thursday Ford spokesperson Said Deep told Motor Authority Ford will "replace all molded-in color hardtop roofs on all 2-door and 4-door Bronco vehicles produced through August."

The color hardtop roofs, made by supplier Webasto, doesn't meet Ford's "standards," according to Deep.

Automotive News reported that Ford sent a letter on Thursday to Bronco customers informing them of the replacement roofs. The automaker said it would prioritize the oldest units first and that it "needs to replace all existing molded-in color hardtop roofs before we can make any new hardtop Broncos."

Early build Broncos have been developing issues as documented on Bronco6g with the molded-in color hardtop ranging from a honeycomb/snakeskin pattern appearing to edges chipping, and even some falling apart with headliner separation, warping, and decomposition. Broncos with soft-tops aren't affected by the quality control issues.

Ford Spokesperson Mike Levine responded to customer questions on Twitter and noted that if a Bronco customer decides to convert their reservation to an order by March 19, 2021 they are price protected to the 2023 model year. "The goal is to get all First Editions built this year," Levine tweeted. Any 2021 Bronco on order today that hasn't been scheduled for production yet outside of First Edition models will not be a 2021 model year.

Automotive News reported production of the 2022 Bronco is supposed to start in December according to Ford.