The 2020 Paris motor show is still scheduled to take place despite the global coronavirus pandemic, but under a different format that eliminates displays from automakers.

The show is scheduled to run Sept. 26 to Oct. 11, with media days scheduled for Sept. 29-30.

But organizers indicated that automakers won't display their wares in Paris this year, according to a Monday report from Automotive News Europe.

Organizers said nothing about how removing the displays would stop the possibility of spreading the virus. The event is still meant to attract crowds.

Last year, the Paris motor show rebranded itself as the Paris Motion Festival, with an emphasis on transportation in general rather than cars and more more hands-on experiences for attendees.

Organizers have no plans to make changes to the Movin'On business-to-business event that focuses on "innovation and sustainable mobility" and is part of the Paris show.

The changes made in Paris are similar to those of the Los Angeles auto show, which calls itself Mobility LA and includes a focus on mobility services and related tech as a way to stay relevant. Auto shows have declined as automakers increasingly look to standalone launch events for greater marketing impact.

Paris has traditionally alternated as Europe's fall auto show with Frankfurt, but that show will move to Munich in 2021.

This is the latest in a line of auto shows to be canceled, postponed, or reformatted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the 2020 Geneva Motor show and 2020 Detroit auto show have been cancelled, the venue for the latter is expected to be used as a field hospital to treat coronavirus patients.

The 2020 New York Auto Show was moved from April to August, and the Javits Center that traditionally houses the show has already been converted into a temporary hospital. Most reveals originally scheduled for the Big Apple will likely occur at other times.

The coronavirus pandemic has also forced numerous global motorsports to be canceled or rescheduled. The Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans have been postponed, while the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix has been canceled outright.