Cadillac on Tuesday revealed a new generation of its Escalade flagship, but missing was the extra-long ESV version.

Cadillac said at the reveal that the ESV will be shown during April's 2020 New York International Auto Show, but the big SUV is already present on an online visualizer.

The visualizer's functions are very basic right now, offering options for the exterior color and wheels, but more features will be added over time.

Compared to the standard Escalade, the ESV comes with an extended rear. The outgoing ESV measures a massive 224.3 inches in length, which results in 120.9 cubic feet of storage. With the new Escalade growing some seven inches over its predecessor in standard guise, we could be looking at something close to 230 inches for the new ESV. Storage will also be massive. For example, the related GMC Yukon in stretched XL guise has up to 144.7 cubic feet of storage.

The new Escalade, including the ESV, will reach dealers in late 2020. Pricing will be announced closer to the market launch but is expected to start from about $76,500, just like the current model.