Bugatti has been toying with the idea of a second model line for more than a decade, with the company even previewing a potential sedan with the Galibier 16C concept car of 2009.

Under the reign of current chief Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti's focus is centered on an SUV as the second model line, one that will reportedly be electric. Now we have a few more details on the potential offering.

Automobile, without citing a source, reported last week that Bugatti wants to launch a three-door SUV with a high-performance battery-electric powertrain potentially developed with German engineering firm Edag or Rimac. The latter, which is partially owned by fellow Volkswagen Group brand Porsche, is already supplying the high-performance powertrain of its C_Two hypercar for Pininfarina's upcoming Battista.

Bugatti Chiron production in Molsheim, France

Bugatti Chiron production in Molsheim, France

Winkelmann's predecessor Wolfgang Duerheimer revealed in 2016 that four options were on the table for Bugatti's second model line: a sedan, an SUV, an electric car and a more attainable supercar. Given the trend toward SUVs—heck, even Ferrari is planning one—a high-riding Bugatti makes a lot of sense.

Where to build it could be an issue. Bugatti's plant in Molsheim, France, which recently built its 200th Chiron, is already at capacity. Thus, a second model from Bugatti could end up being outsourced to an independent manufacturer like Magna Steyr or perhaps we could even see a revival of the dormant Italian plant that used to build the EB110 supercar in the 1990s.

Further out, Bugatti will need to replace the Chiron, which will reach the end of production around 2024. According to the same Automobile report, the Chiron's successor could be an electric hypercar sharing a platform with a potential Porsche 918 Spyder successor and new Lamborghini flagship.