When money isn't an object, impulse purchases take on new heights. For example, take the Instagram account @wiresonly.

The account only deals with exotic and high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles. It also operates for clients able to send a wire transfer for the funds. No loans, no credit scores, just straight cash. The New York Times profiled the account and its operator, R.D. Whittington, in a Wednesday report. These sales happen in a matter of minutes and are a completely different experience from what the typical car buyer understands.

Whittington, a partner in the Luxury Auto Collection dealer of Scottsdale, Arizona, typically posts a single photo or quick video of the car on Instagram. From there, celebrities, CEOs, and other VIPs quickly transfer funds and the car is gone. Equate it to throwing a pack of gum on the conveyer belt while checking out at the supermarket. One music executive quickly decided to toss in a Rolls-Royce Phantom as he purchased a Porsche 918 Spyder for $2.6 million. The impulse purchase cost another $800,000.

The car dealer of the 21st century plans to open his own brick and mortar dealership in Beverly Hills this month. The store will give clients another space to make exotic car purchases. Whittington has already made a name for himself throughout Hollywood as the go-to guy when looking for an exotic ride. He noted producers most recently approached him to locate a Bugatti Veyron for a Taylor Swift music video. Not only did he cash in on an $80,000 rental fee, he sold the car to a rap artist shortly thereafter.

Wittington said actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is his best friend and business partner, but the NYT story didn't say if Foxx is involved with Wittington's dealership or car sales. Foxx did say that Wittington makes sure the purchase process goes smoothly and helps clients procure insurance and even driver's licenses.

Wittington isn't the only Instagram user to use the platform to sell high-end cars. The story quotes a Porsche salesman in Fresno, California, who said he's sold about 10 cars through his IG account.

For us normal folks, we'll have to stick to browsing the classifieds on Craigslist or shopping for cars on the standard roster of websites.