Bugatti is building just 500 Chiron supercars, but for the one-percenter looking to stand out above the rest, the Mansory Bugatti Chiron is the ticket. Just be prepared to drop a few million dollars.

Top Gear reported Monday the Mansory Chiron, called the Centuria, has been listed for sale on Mansory's website at a whopping $4.7 million. For those who don't recall why the Mansory Chiron is such a big deal, it's because the supercar was the first one to undergo any sort of modification and tuning.

Mansory is a German luxury car tuner of the highest degree. We don't know if the firm has bumped up the power from the car's stock figure of 1,480 horsepower, but there is a lot going on to improve its aerodynamics. It has bespoke carbon-fiber body panels that make the supercar cheat the wind, new side skirts for improved aero properties between the axles, and larger air intake inlets on the hood for improved engine cooling. The rear also sports a new diffuser and wing. A special exhaust should make the supercar sound even more menacing at idle and at speed, though again, we don't know if it helps make any more power.

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The wheels also feature carbon-fiber construction and measure 20 inches up front and 21 inches in the rear.

While Bugatti will go to the moon and back to craft a luxurious interior, Mansory's example is perhaps even more over the top. Blue and aqua accents are awash with quilted padding on the transmission tunnel and side bolsters. It's a bit much for us, but surely, some multi-millionaire will find it lovely.

The car has only 14 miles on the odometer, so start searching for forgotten millions in off-shore accounts now before the nearly $5 million supercar is gone.