Brabham took the automotive world by storm when it rolled out the 700-horsepower, track-focused BT62 one year ago.

However, with just 70 destined to be built, each priced from about $1.3 million, few will get to taste the extreme performance the track weapon has to offer.

This won't be the case for Brabham's follow-up supercar, Dan Marks, Brabham's commercial director, revealed to Motoring Research in an interview published on Thursday.

Brabham BT62

Brabham BT62

He explained that the new supercar will be a road car, though one still fully capable at the track. In contrast, the BT62 is really just a civilized race car that requires a number of modifications to be allowed on the road.

Marks also revealed higher volumes for the new supercar, which hints at a lower starting price than the BT62. Brabhams will still be a rare breed, however, with Marks indicating the annual production will be somewhere between 100 and 200 cars.

Brabham is expected to release the first details shortly but the car likely won't be ready before 2022. Marks explained that Brabham is fully focused right now on getting a BT62 race car ready for the 2021/2022 World Endurance Championship, where the Australian outfit will be going up against the likes of Ferrari and Porsche in the GTE class designed for race cars derived from production models.