The automotive industry often focuses on how self-driving cars will move people in the future. We've also looked at self-driving grocery delivery services, but what about a robotic, self-driving bar? There hasn't been talk of that until now.

The Italian startup Makr Shakr, which has already produced and sells a line of robotic bartenders, revealed a concept for its self-driving bar that it calls "Guido," and it's goal is to bring the drinks to you.

Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr, told Digital Trends in a report earlier this month the concept self-driving bar aims to maximize a specific location's potential. Guido is meant to activate new parts of a city or area and create a mobile bar industry. Basically, Rossetti wants to make sure tourists or pedestrians can have a good time anywhere, even if it's on city streets.

The concept imagines users placing an order for a drink via a smartphone app, paying for it, and then Guido takes care of the rest on the go. It's the perfect solution for those who aren't exactly social butterflies since zero human interaction is required with Guido.

Makr Shakr plans to work with municipalities and the firm Carlo Ratti Associati throughout 2019 to develop Guido. Perhaps sometime thereafter, the self-driving, robotic bartender could come to a city near you. In the meantime, Makr Shakr offers a stationery robotic bartender and a mobile one that must be controlled by a person.

As mentioned, grocery chains have trialed self-driving delivery. Ford has also begun delivering pizzas with self-driving cars, and General Motors recently partnered with DoorDash for food delivery via its Cruise Automation self-driving car subsidiary.

It wouldn't be surprising if more companies adopt strategies similar to Makr Shakr. Imagine a mobile clinic of sorts that delivered antacids or pain relievers, or perhaps a hangover kit after being over-served by Guido.